AirCut — The best for microclimate



AIRCUT is a German company that works in the field of creation of comfortable microclimate since more than 25 years.

Our goal is to create the favourable climate for a man. T h e favourable climate is a comfort and good mood, and also sense of security at home, in the office, in the shop, at a factory.

Out technical developments are directed towards reducing energy consumption and extending the working life of AIRCUT products.

The AIRCUT products solve all the problems concerning the ensuring of microclimate in the buildings. AIRCUT units ensure the economical and efficient work of ventilation air-conditioning system.

AirCut has implemented a lot of projects in different branches of housing and industrial construction and also commercial building construction.

The AirCut air handling units ensure maintenance of clean air and pleasant temperatures in industries of high technology and in traditional constructions.

AIRCUT air handling units

AirCut produces modular air handling systems with capacity from 250000 m3/h.

The sequence of separate modules can be assigned according to the needs of specific project.

The air handling units can be designed in any combination for air supply and removal systems.

AirCut produces the air handling units in different versions:
• units for indoor installation;
• compact AHU;
• units for outdoor installation;
• hygienic version.