Automation of ventilation system

The AirCut control cabinets are automatic control systems that are designed for efficient use of electric power, low operating costs, and creation of a favourable climate ensuring the protection of the units in case of an emergency situation.



AirCut Direct SiMPLE (ADS)

This system was designed for basic control tasks of supply air or supply/exhaust air systems with water air-heater.

The system consists of control cabinet, sensors and actuators.




AirCut Direct COMPLEX (ADC)

This system was designed for complex control tasks of ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Depending on requirements the automation system ensures the keeping of air temperature, humidity, positive pressure in the rooms and also the air quality control, gas concentration and impurity content.

The automation system consists of control cabinet, sensors and actuators.

The control cabinet contains the programmable controller, protection and switching equipment, measuring sensors and optional equipment on the customer’s request. The controller is equipped with display and control keyboard, the work program takes the specific features of the ventilating equipment into account.


The control cabinets are delivered completely assembled with manufacturer-settings which ensure the safe start of equipment.