Fans and electric motors

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Air filters

Air heaters and air coolers

Air humidifiers

Heat recovery systems


Shutter valves


Flexible connectors


Automatic adjustment control

Fans and electric motors


Universal centrifugal fan are used in the air handling units.


Belt-driven centrifugal fans

Double inlet fans with forward or backward curved impellers.




Radial fans with free running impeller

Free running impellers with external rotor motors or standard motors are used in the air handling units.



Direct-driven centrifugal fans

Direct-driven double/single inlet radial fans with forward or backward curved impellers are used in the air handling units.
0 to 100% adjustment. As a drive the integrated electric motor with in-built electronics is used.




Standard motors

Top quality motors from well-known manufacturers are used as standard for fans. The casing is made of aluminium or cast
iron. The height of the axis: from 56 to 450mm, motor capacity: from 0,06 kW to 1000 kW.


Note: on demand the fans and motors of different version can be used in air handling units.


Air filters



Z-line Filter

consists of frame with filter media pleated into a Z-shape in it and wide-meshed grid on a clean-air side. Filtermaterial consists of finespun synthetic fibre. Because of Z-shape materials follows a larger surface with low installation depth that allows to achieve a higher dust holding capacity and filter efficiency. Filter class: G4. Installed length - only 50 mm.




Bag filters

are suitable for air cleaning in air supply systems with dust content ≤ 1mg/m3. The filter are composed of a front frame and the bag-type filter medium made of break-resistant polyester fibers. Length of filter bags - 350 mm, it may
vary depending on application conditions. Filter class: G4 — F5. Installed length — only 350 mm.




Panel filters

consist of frame made of polypropylene and extractable cartridge with filter material. The filter material is a filament
fibre (complex fibre) of various strength. Filter class: G4 and F5-F9.




Compact cell-type filters

pleated filter element built in galvanized steel frame. With such filters the pocket prefilters of G4 class are recommendable.




Metal mesh filters

consist of aluminium frame with multilayer aluminium mesh. The filters are designed to be extractable and can therefore
be quickly and easily removed and cleaned with water. Installation depth: 25 or 48 mm.




Active carbon filters

filter cartridges that are used for adsorption of hazardous gaseous substances and smells for outdoor air and exhaust air.


Note: type and quantity of filters are to be defined by the specific project.


Air heaters and air coolers



Water/air-heat exchanger and direct expansion evaporators

Air heaters (air coolers) are plate heat exchangers with copper pipes and fins made of aluminium, copper or galvanized steel. On demand the heat exchangers with epoxy resin coated
fins are installed. The adaptors come out of the sides of the appliance. Heat medium: water with temperature up to 130°C or steam (on demand). Operating pressure - 16 bar.
The heating efficiency is regulated by three-way valve.




Droplet catcher

made of polypropylene is used to moisture catch and drainage and are installed after the air cooler. The condensate tray is made of corrosion-resistance material.




Electric air-heater

used for heating of dust-free air, nonaggressive or noncombustible gases. The heating elements consist of noncorrosive heating wires fastened on ceramic insulators. The insulators are mounted on aluminium frame. Bimetallic relay
is used for the surface temperature regulation.




Air humidifiers



Evaporation humidifiers

Evaporation humidifiers are used for evaporation cooling and air humidifying. They consist of a honeycomb structure. The nominal humidification efficiencies: 65, 85, 95%.




Spray humidifiers

are delivered only on demand; they are used in industrial and comfort air conditioning systems.

Spray humidifiers are used for following processes:
• humidification and adiabatic cooling;
• polytropic heating;
• polytropic cooling;
• odour and pollutant removal.




Steam humidifiers

The AHUs are equipped with special section for steam supply line.

Condensate tanks and outlet connections made of aluminium or stainless steel are provided in principle in the floor area for humidifier drain chambers. Optionally the humidifiers are equipped with inspection door and lighting.






Heat recovery systems


Heat recovery systems allow to reduce annual energy consumption by 90%. Thanks to heat recovery systems the sizes of air heaters and air coolers can be considerably reduced, that leads to reduction in investment costs.


Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are compact heat exchangers where extract air and supply air flow through contact channels made of aluminium fins; the isolated air streams move in a cross current. The section of plate heat exchanger can be
equipped with a droplet catcher and condensate drain.




Rotary heat exchangers

Rotary heat exchangers are designed for heat recovery from extract air in ventilation and air conditioning systems. The heat exchange in the rotary heat exchangers is a regenerative heat recovery process.




Closed-loop systems

Closed-loop systems consist of two water/air-heat exchangers in extract air duct and supply air duct. The heat exchangers are connected with closed circulation system. The water/glycol mixture is used as an intermediate heat medium (heat medium in circulation system).




Heat pipe

Heat pipe is a heat exchanger with copper pipes and aluminium fins filled with coolant.

The heat transfer is realized by evaporation of the coolant in heat-release medium and condensation of the coolant in heat-absorbing medium, the circulation of intermediate coolant is realized due to natural convection or capillary pressure. The AHUs with heat pipe are to be equipped with drop catcher, drain pan and bypass line.





Other units and elements




Splitter silencers are used for sound attenuation. The absorption material is inflammable mineral wool covered with a nonwoven glass fibre scrim. The frame is made of galvanized steel, the edges of the frame are folded back. The air diffusion grill must be
installed before the silencer for flow equalization.




Shutter valves

The shutter valves used have aluminium sheets and are equipped with a galvanized steel sheet frame. The aluminium sheets are equipped with the sealing lips. The valve drive wheels are built in internally or
mounted outside the valve. The shutter valves can be placed inside or outside the air handling unit.




Flexible connectors

The standard flexible connectors consist of two frames made of galvanized steel and PVC coated polyester tape.







Actuators for three-way-valves

Actuators for three-way-valves are reduction drives and are used for actuation of seated valves in air handling units.




Actuators for shutter valves

The electric drives serve to control the air valves. All actuators have gear reducer of high quality and electronic control system. The drive automatically stops when it reaches mechanical supports, so there is no need in additional end switches.

The broad range of valve actuators will meet all the requirements. The valve versions are open/close or with continuous adjustment. The drives are divided into groups depending on torque moment and control mode. The drives with auxiliary switches are also available.





Automatic adjustment control



Duct temperature sensors

are used for air temperature measurement in air ducts. They are installed on the air duct walls or on the casing of AHU.




Interior temperature sensors

Room temperature sensor consists of sensing element connected with mounting clip inside the plastic housing.




Outdoor temperature sensors

The sensors are used in ventilation and air-conditioning systems for outdoor air temperature measurements.




Frost protection thermostat

The thermostats prevent the coolant from freezing in water heat exchangers.

If the temperature falls below the set value (+5°C), the thermostat switches the protection system automatically on.




Canal thermostat

is used for temperature control and temperature limitation of supply air. The thermostat is installed in air duct by means of a mounting bracket. The canal thermostats have a contact block and temperature setting unit.




Flow sensors

used for regulation of air flow. The sensors work according to the calorimetric principle.




Pressure difference switch

Differential pressure sensor is a pressure difference switch and is used for condition monitoring of air filters, heat exchangers and fans.