AIRCUT air handling units — General information

AirCut produces modular air handling systems with capacity from 500 to 250000 m3/h.

The sequence of separate modules can be assigned according to the needs of specific project.

The air handling units can be designed in any combination for air supply and removal systems.


AIRCUT air handling units

• completeness with the equipment, that is necessary for air handling (fan, filter, air heater, air cooler, humidifier, refrigerating unit if required, mixing chamber, thermal regenerator, silencer etc.);

• high efficiency of air handling that is ensured by individual designing and construction for every customer;

• extensive range of products – horizontal and vertical models; horizontal compact units for rooms with lack of space; units for outdoor installation (on the roof);

• complete equipment with automatic control devices;

• the insulated panel construction ensures easy mounting and dismantling;

• modern and functional design.


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  The casing of every section consists of frame and sandwich panels with sound and heat insulating mineral wool mats. The frame structure consists of aluminium or steel profiles and plastic or aluminium die cast corner joints.

The double-layer panels of stainless steel with sound and heat-insulating mineral wool (thickness 25 or 45 mm). The insulation serves to reduce the noise level and heating / cooling waste.